Domain names and Domain FAQ’s

What is a domain name?

A domain name, in simple terms, is the name of your website. It is also sometimes (wrongly) referred to as URL’s. The URL is an entire set of directions, and it contains extremely detailed information. The domain name is one of the pieces inside of a URL. A domain name in itself does not contain any actual information. However, it does point to the location where the information is stored. It can be considered a nickname to the IP address.

Domain FAQ’s

What is the difference between domain name and hosting?
A domain name refers to the named address or identification label for your location on the internet. Whereas website hosting provides a powerful server, constantly connected to the internet with several high-speed connections.
What is an Addon Domain?
An Addon Domain is a domain name which points to its own folder within public_html and appears as a separate website from your primary domain.
What is a Parked Domain?
A Parked Domain is a domain name that points to your main Web site on your account.
Why is my newly parked domain not functioning?
It takes time for the DNS to propagate. Please wait for 4-48 hrs.
Is it possible to host international domain names?
Depending on the hosting provider, you should be able to assign any domain name

Please do note that there are some hosting providers that do not allow you to host domain names with Cyrillic characters.

What if I do not want to or cannot transfer my registration to my hosting provider?
You don’t have to transfer your domain registration to us in order to host a website. In most of the hosting providers, it’s either just pointing the A records for the domain or pointing the nameservers for the domain to the hosting provider.
Why did my domain transfer fail?
  1. Losing Registrar denies the transfer
  2. Domain is locked by the losing registrar
  3. You do not receive critical emails due to enabled domain privacy or spam filters
  4. A misunderstood transfer notification leading to accidentally cancel the transfer
How to transfer domain names
Transferring domain names are as simple as requesting your current domain registrar to update the IPS tag for the domain to the new registrar
Can I still use my domain after my hosting account expires?
Depending on the hosting provider, you should have access to your Domain control panel / Domain manager as long as the domain is active, irrespective of the hosting account
Why can’t I remove the redirect on my domains?
This is not a domain issue in most of the case. If you’re on cPanel, check the permissions of your htaccess files. If not, contact your hosting provider and/or domain provider
What is DNS propagation, and how long will it take my website/emails to start working again?
Propagation time is how long it takes for external networks to read that you have a new IP address, it enters into effect whenever a change to an IP or DNS is made. It is usually 4-48 hours.
I changed TTL to 3600. Why isn’t my website live in 1 hour?
The default TTL is the TTL set before you made any changes at all. It would take that much time for the initial update. However, if you decide to make further changes after that, it will consider the new TTL.

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