Domain life cycle
From ICANN archives
  1. Registration: Domains are registered for a term of 1 – 10 year(s).
  2. Domain Expiration: If the domain is allowed to expire, it can still be renewed for up to 31-45 days without any additional fees.
  3. Holding Period: Depending on the registrar, the domain could be in a holding period from day 32 to 44, during which there will be an additional fee to renew the domain and it will become available to a third party for auction. Basically, this is the start of the redemption period, but it isn’t officially in redemption yet.
  4. Most of the registrars begin charging a fee to renew the domain on day 32. This fee is required to pull the domain out of the holding period and is paid to the registry itself. The fee is paid in addition to the domain renewal fee. Neither the domain renewal nor the redemption fee is refundable. The redemption fee varies per registrar.
  5. Redemption: The Registrar will assign the domain to redemption on day 45. The redemption grace period lasts 30 days. There is a fee to restore a domain from Redemption status. This fee cannot be waived or refunded.
    A domain will be considered abandoned if it is not redeemed. The registrar may exercise its right to auction, sell, delete or dispose of the name at any time.
    Registrars can put a domain into an “extended redemption grace period” for up to a year while they try to auction it off. If it doesn’t sell, they’ll let it go.
  6. Pending Delete: If the domain is not redeemed and renewed within the redemption period, the Registry will be notified to delete the record, making it available for public registration.
  7. “Pending Delete” refers to the 5-day time frame after redemption, during which time the registry holds the domain prior to deletion. The domain cannot be recovered during this time. Once the Registry deletes the registration, it will become available for anyone to purchase a new domain. It will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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