Common FTP client errors and Fixes

Here’s a brief list of most common FTP client errors and possible fixes:

  • 530 login authentication failed: This is the most common error.
    • This is usually a Username / Password error. Cross check them.
    • It is also possible that the user has exceeded his FTP limit. You can increase it from cPanel > FTP accounts > Click on Change Quota and set it to ‘Unlimited’
    • Another reason would be if the current user only supports ‘Plain FTP’. You can see the logs ‘Directory listing unsuccessful’, possibly causing a timeout with it as well. To fix this: Click on File > SiteManager > Click on your Site > ‘General’ Tab > Encription > Only use Plain FTP (insecure)
  • 421 Home directory not available: Directory error. The directory that you’ve set in the client doesn’t exist.
  • Timeout error: Change timeout settings in the client. In FileZilla: Click on Edit > Settings > Timeout in seconds > Set it to a higher number
  • Too many connections: Limit the number of connections in client. In FileZilla, Click on File > SiteManager > Click on your Site > ‘Transfer Settings’ Tab > Check ‘Limit number of simultaneous connections’ > Set the limit to ‘1’.
  • Internal Server Error – after FTP upload: Check file permissions of the uploaded files.
  • Impossible to connect to the server: Assign a home directory to your FTP account. Cross check if there is a permission issue, or re-configure the FTP account (delete and re-create)
  • Service terminates/disconnects: There’s high traffic to your server. It could also be your computer. Stop other Uploads or downloads in computer and check your internet connection as well.
  • Can’t open data connection: Check if you are allowed to use port 21
Where to upload the files?
If they are the core website files, upload them to the root directory of your website. For eg, upload files under public_html for the primary domain. For addon domains, upload files in their respective folder.

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