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There are times when we forget our username password combination and the forgot password link doesn’t send you a password link on the email specified due to hosting limitations or some other reason. That is when this method is helpful.

What we do here is, access the back-end of our WordPress installation and set up the password for our username

  • Access the folder for your wordpress installation: cPanel –> File manager –> public_html –> addon domain folder (if any)
  • Find the wp-config.php file and click on view
  • Find this line:
    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘username_db‘);

    Here, username_db is your database name for the installation

  • Login to phpMyadmin (cPanel –> phpMyAdmin)
  • Click on the database name
  • Click on pre_users table (here pre is the prefix for your installation. Generally wp_users is the table)
  • Click on edit to the left of your WordPress login
  • Change the user_pass field to your desired pass
  • Give encryption for password field as ‘MD5’ (drop-down to the left of your new password, listed under function)
  • Click on Go right below display_name

If you’re having trouble updating passwords through phpMyAdmin, here is another method you can try: Emergency Password Reset Script

Once you have successfully logged in, access Users > Your Profile section and scroll down to find New Password and then reset password again by clicking on Generate Password. You can either use the pre-populated password or use your own password again and click on “Save Changes” so that WordPress can save the password. You’ll need to follow this extra step since WordPress secures your password with a salt, while the method we followed above to get into the dashboard doesn’t.

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