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Hello there! Welcome to Errorlog. Errorlog was created to help beginner developers and website owners to make the most out of their website. At the moment Errorlog has a couple of tutorials shared. We plan on having tons of useful tutorials and troubleshooting techniques on this site.

The main goal of ErrorLog is to share:

  •  Web Development and Web Design tutrials
  •  Tip on troubleshooting issues with hosting, wordpress or other scripts
  •  Useful code snippets that I come across online (with credits to the OP ofcourse)
  •  Themes (wordpress), plugins (wordpress) and script releases by me.

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About: Aashik
About: Aashik

Myself Aashik, 25-year-old web designer/developer from India. I am a Mechanical Engineer, who started designing websites for fun back in my college days, and it became my primary hobby throughout.

I’m a former web advisor turned coach for a web hosting company. I’m trained in PHP and MySQL. I’m an amateur developer, getting my fingers dirty on the following languages: PHP & MySQL,  HTML, CSS and Javascript. I’m currently learning OOP in PHP, Javascript frameworks like jQuery and Angular.

WordPress and Customer Service for web hosting are my niche. I’ve also been a freelance writer on the languages mentioned above.

You can get in touch with me by dropping in a message here. I will get back to you as soon as possible.